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DJ Lenardis has been on the road nationally and internationally for almost 25 years. With his many years of experience and musical knowledge, he is immediately in his element at every event, whether club (Kaufleuten, Aura, Das schwarze Schaf...), corporate (Coca Cola, Allianz, Pirelli...) or wedding events (Hotel Dolder, Arosa Kulm Hotel, Parkhotel Weggis...).


DJ Lenardis has been skillfully implementing new, undiscovered music trends in his sets for decades and never loses the vibe of the audience. Thanks to his know-how and large music repertoire, he can captivate the audience musically within a short time. Music and entertaining guests is his passion.


The exciting and challenging thing for DJ Lenardis is to create an unforgettable evening for the guests. The big stages (Hallenstadion, festivals) and small stages (clubs, music bars, private events) are his home. You can not only see his professional appearance as a DJ, you can hear and feel it.


With over 5000 performances in the last 3 decades, he has built up a large and loyal fan base and is a regular on the DJ line-up at many venues. DJ Lenardis' music repertoire is very extensive and grows from event to event. House, mash-up, dance, EMD, pop, party breaks, Latin, reggaeton, soul, R&B, hip hop, funk, disco, 70s, 80s to 90s etc.

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Musikalisches Profil
  • Dance

  • Elektronische Musik 

  • Hip Hop , R&B

  • Evergreens 

  • Pop-Musik 

  • Latin Music 

  • Rock 

  • Mundart bis Schlager

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